January 07, 2021

Easy Guide to Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is a kind of an official statement that you write to persuade the college committees. The purpose of this essay is to describe your personality and ability on why you deserve financial aid.

You have to be very careful while writing it because the selection process depends on this writing piece. For this, you need to have perfect writing skills.

However, if you are new to writing a scholarship essay, follow this easy guide to writing the best one.

How to Start a Scholarship Essay?

The first thing is to make sure that you are not writing your essay in a hurry. Take enough time to make it best.

It is better to plan your essay beforehand. It will help you organize your thoughts and ideas in one place. Most people ruin their essays even before they begin writing. To avoid this, they hire professional writers to write their "college essay” and other writing assignments.

If you are thinking to write it on your own, consider the word count, format, and audience.

Also, keep in mind that the college committee does not know you nor they have seen you. The only way they can know you is through your essay. Thus, present yourself as smart and creative. The better you have written, the greater the chances are there for you to get the scholarship.

Scholarship Essay Format

You should arrange and design your essay in a simple but effective way. The length of your essay should be of a minimum of 500 words.

Follow the below-mentioned pattern to write a good scholarship essay.

  1. Introduction

The introductory paragraph of your essay will decide whether it is worth reading or not. Therefore, it should be convincing to impressive the decision-makers.

The first thing is to mention your name and place you are applying to. After giving an initial introduction choose your opening line to engage the judges.

  1. Main Body

It is recommended to create an interesting body of your essay by discussing the following matters.

  • Obstacle


A writer should try to discuss the challenges of his life by mentioning ways to overcome college essay writing service. It will give the right dimension and meaning to your essay.

Also, provide an overview of the obstacles in your life along with the measures to deal with them.

  • Educational and Career Goals


It is important to state educational and career goals. Briefly discuss the current college, the field of study, the reason for financial help, long term career goals and degree.

  • Real Life Experiences


Add real-life experiences to make your essay unique. Also, state all the relevant inspirational incidents of life. Try to quote all the facts in the light of real-world situations.

  • The tone of Your Essay


Try to use a positive and inspirational tone in your essay. It is because people appreciate positivity and passion. Mold the incidents into learning experiences for others and yourself.

  1. Conclusion

Conclude your essay in a way that will leave a mark on your college essay examples. The smart way is to mention how you can make the best use out of the scholarship. It would also be beneficial to highlight the need for financial aid.

This detailed but easy guide will help you craft a perfect scholarship essay that can help you get financial aid.

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How to Perfect Your Essay Main Body

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Learn How to Write an Editorial

Editorial refers to a leading article that expresses the editor’s ideas by explaining the issue at hand. A writer can add his opinion in the writing piece only after conducting thorough research.

Similarly, they should present authentic evidence to build an argument and supporting his claim. The main purpose of an editorial is to describe the issue clearly and propose recommendations to get rid of it.

The authors also need to address the population that is currently facing the issue and discusses the suggested recommendations to deal with the situation. Furthermore, the author must also speak to the government to take appropriate measures if necessary.

Writing an editorial is more or less similar to a research write my essay.

Types of an Editorial

There are four different types of editorials. Each one serves a unique purpose.

  1. Explain and Interpret –This format allows the editors to explain how they should tackle and deal with sensitive topics.
  2. Criticize –Such editorials focus on the problem rather than the solutions.
  3. Persuade –In this format, a writer proposes a solution by convincing the audience to take suitable actions.
  4. Praise –It is written to show support towards a notable action of an organization or individual.

How to Write an Editorial?

Editorials are specifically based on the writer’s opinions but it is necessary to provide facts to support it. Follow the important steps given below to craft an impressive editorial.

  1. Choose A Topic to Grab the Reader’s Attention

Editorials are meant to change the public’s belief about a particular topic. It also encourages them to critically analyze the issues by suggesting a course of action.

Consider the following topics while brainstorming ideas for the topics.

  • It must be something interesting or controversial
  • It should have a current news angle
  • It should serve a purpose.
  1. Research and Collect Facts

It is the duty of the writer to find the truth about a particular issue. Thus, conduct thorough research to collect relevant information and facts to support your opinion. However, make sure to use credible and authentic sources.

  1. Writing the Editorial

Try to keep your editorial short and clear so that the readers read your entire buy essay online. Moreover, it should not be longer than 600 to 800 words. Also, do not use fancy language or technical terms.

A good editorial must follow the below-mentioned format.


Always start it with a unique and catchy quote, question or statistic relevant to your topic. Also, present your argument. These techniques will help to grab the reader's attention.


The body paragraphs should explain the issue objectively and unbiasedly. Discuss each and every aspect of your topic by addressing the 5Ws and H that are:

  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why
  • How

A writer should start by mentioning the opinions of the opposition. He can highlight both the negative and positive aspects as long as they are facts.

The next step is to provide strong evidence to support your stance and arguments. Similarly, you also need to propose a valid and applicable solution.


Conclude your editorial with a powerful and thought-provoking custom essay. It will help your reader to get a sense of closure and completeness from the ending.

You can follow this simple procedure to learn writing an editorial.

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How to Perfect Your Essay Main Body

What is a Transitional Paragraph?

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Best Transition Words for Your Essay

Essay writing is a technical process that requires effort and a logical how to start an essay. This can be successfully achieved with the help of transition words.

If you are new to the concept of transition words and phrases, read this article to get a detailed idea.

The goal of the writers is to communicate their thoughts and ideas in the clearest and logical manner. Especially while presenting complex ideas, make sure that they have conveyed in the most understandable way.

For this, you can work on the sequencing of ideas. Break down your ideas into different paragraphs then use a transition word to guide them through these ideas.

Take a transition as a conjunction or a joining word. It helps to create strong relationships between different ideas, paragraphs, or sentences.

They are also considered as a bridge to connect different ideas. Moreover, it helps to demonstrate the writer’s agreement, disagreement, conclusion, or contrast.

However, using just transition words is not enough. The content of your essay must also support the relationship between your ideas.

List of Transition Words

There are different categories of transitions. Understanding these will help you pick the most suitable word to communicate your message. Here we have categorized transition words for different types of write essay for me.

Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

  1. Despite
  2. In contrast
  3. Nevertheless
  4. On the contrary
  5. On the other hand
  6. Otherwise
  7. That is
  8. Conversely
  9. In spite of
  10. Similarly
  11. At the same time
  12. Likewise
  13. Still
  14. Equally
  15. Also
  16. Yet
  17. But
  18. Simultaneously

Transition Words for Cause and Effect Essays

  1. As a result
  2. Under those 5StarEssays
  3. Thus
  4. In effect
  5. For this reason
  6. Thereupon
  7. Henceforth
  8. Accordingly
  9. Consequently
  10. Because
  11. Since
  12. Otherwise
  13. Due to
  14. So
  15. As a
  16. Hence
  17. In order to
  18. For
  19. Afterward

Transition Words for Starting a Paragraph

  1. Generally speaking
  2. In the first place
  3. To begin with
  4. To be sure
  5. Earlier
  6. First of all
  7. The next step
  8. As you can see
  9. For now
  10. In time
  11. Once and for all
  12. First... second... third...
  13. To put it differently
  14. In addition
  15. Basically
  16. Furthermore
  17. Besides
  18. In the meantime

Things to Consider While Using Transitions

Keep in mind the following points while using transitions.

  • Add transitions only when you are about to introduce new ideas. Don’t overuse them.
  • Do not add a large number of transitions in the same paragraph.
  • Use different transitions for each idea.
  • Don’t use any transition without the proper understanding of its meaning.

Now you have probably understood which transitions will help you relate your ideas. If you are still unable to distinguish between these transitions, don’t worry. Taking help from professional writing services is always a good option.

Many online companies provide such services to help with your write my essay at affordable rates.

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Learn Informative Essay Writing in Simple Steps

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Ever assigned to write a cause and effect essay?

The very first step of writing any type of write my essay is picking a topic. Thus, choose your topic wisely if you want to give your audience an interesting read.

Follow these easy steps to choose the best cause and effect essay topics:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Choose something that you are passionate about
  • You can also choose a topic of your reader’s interest
  • There must be a clear cause and effect relationship between your topic
  • It should be relevant to your field area
  • It should not be too broad or too narrow

We have listed some interesting cause and effect essay topics for you to choose from. Go through them to find something of your interest.

These topics include:

  1. Family problems adversely affected our sleep.
  2. Financial issues are the major cause of divorce in the United States
  3. Children from broken families are more likely to end their marriage
  4. Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding
  5. Overusing social media can lead to unhappiness
  6. A good novel has the ability to change a person's way of thinking
  7. Mood swings are caused by hormonal changes
  8. The use of technology helps to understand complex topics better
  9. Homeschooling proves to be productive than private write essay for me
  10. Effects of gender inequality on our society
  11. Cause and effects of dropping out of college
  12. Causes of eating disorders in teenagers
  13. Why is watching ASMR videos on YouTube satisfying and comforting?
  14. Cause of rivalry amongst siblings
  15. Effects of growing up in a poor household
  16. Why people develop different allergies?
  17. What causes illegal immigration?
  18. How can colleges produce better A- level students?
  19. Effect of a physical education program on college students
  20. How can a civil war occur in modern society?
  21. Cause and effects of being popular in high school
  22. How colors impact our mood?
  23. Social media makes people introverts
  24. Effects of smoking on nonsmokers
  25. Influence of social media on youngsters
  26. Analyze the cause and effects of unnecessary use of cell phones
  27. What influence does music have on people's lives?
  28. Causes of the American civil war
  29. Effects of playing violent video games
  30. What makes some students bully their classmates in school
  31. Dangers of earthquakes
  32. Growing and living in poverty
  33. Studying regularly makes your life easier
  34. Having overprotective parents can make a child rebellious
  35. Reading books makes you creative
  36. Effects of being in nature
  37. What causes cancer?
  38. How does disability affect a child’s life?
  39. How do relationships affect human development?
  40. Why some kids are fast learners than others?
  41. Causes of phobia: Nature or Nurture?
  42. Growing up with a single parent can affect a child
  43. Effects of child abuse
  44. Watching animated movies makes you do my paper
  45. Dirty rooms make most people uncomfortable
  46. Effects of dating at a young age
  47. Larger social circle on Facebook is an indication of being famous
  48. Things to make a student laughing out loud.

This list of topics will help you find something of your interest.

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What is a Transitional Paragraph?

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How to Write a Literature Review

High school and college students are often asked to conduct research on a specific subject and a write my essay for me. This is to assess a student’s ability to analyze and evaluate different topics.

A student who is not aware of conducting a research finds it hard to write a good research paper. Before even writing a research paper, it is very important to write an impressive and attractive literature review.

A literature review is an evaluation of your research on a given subject or a chosen topic. It is a collection of significant and relevant information and publications of others regarding the topic you chose for your research.

A literature review has 4 major components:

  • Publication’s description
  • Summary of the main points of the publication
  • Discussion of gaps in the previous research
  • Evaluation of the publication’s contribution to your topic.

As literature review is an essential part of your research essay writing service, following are the steps to follow to write an interesting literature review.

  1. Define your goals.State what your paper’s purpose is.
  • If writing an argumentative paper, give its thesis statement
  • If talking about scientific theories, develop hypothesis.
  • If writing a review on a topic, give the purpose of your project.
  1. Do your research.Go through multiple texts already written related to your topic of research. Get to know the top voices of the related field and include the most pertinent work of them.
  2. Summary in relevance.Summarize the publications by highlighting the main points of the publication in your thesis, hypothesis, or project statement that best relate to your research.
  3. Logical development of the review.Your review is the development of your argument. Write down the earliest ideas of the topic and its evolution.
  4. References and work cited list.Mention the author’s name of the publication and the year of publication in your review.

Literature reviews are tricky but with the right guideline, you can nail it. Take professional and expert help online and contact a write my essayto make your literature reviews and research papers remarkable.

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Learn to Describe in Your Descriptive Essay?

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