January 07, 2021

How to Write a Literature Review

High school and college students are often asked to conduct research on a specific subject and a write my essay for me. This is to assess a student’s ability to analyze and evaluate different topics.

A student who is not aware of conducting a research finds it hard to write a good research paper. Before even writing a research paper, it is very important to write an impressive and attractive literature review.

A literature review is an evaluation of your research on a given subject or a chosen topic. It is a collection of significant and relevant information and publications of others regarding the topic you chose for your research.

A literature review has 4 major components:

  • Publication’s description
  • Summary of the main points of the publication
  • Discussion of gaps in the previous research
  • Evaluation of the publication’s contribution to your topic.

As literature review is an essential part of your research essay writing service, following are the steps to follow to write an interesting literature review.

  1. Define your goals.State what your paper’s purpose is.
  • If writing an argumentative paper, give its thesis statement
  • If talking about scientific theories, develop hypothesis.
  • If writing a review on a topic, give the purpose of your project.
  1. Do your research.Go through multiple texts already written related to your topic of research. Get to know the top voices of the related field and include the most pertinent work of them.
  2. Summary in relevance.Summarize the publications by highlighting the main points of the publication in your thesis, hypothesis, or project statement that best relate to your research.
  3. Logical development of the review.Your review is the development of your argument. Write down the earliest ideas of the topic and its evolution.
  4. References and work cited list.Mention the author’s name of the publication and the year of publication in your review.

Literature reviews are tricky but with the right guideline, you can nail it. Take professional and expert help online and contact a write my essayto make your literature reviews and research papers remarkable.

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